products for vibration dampening, vibration isolation and levelling
of machines, gear and units of all kind

a group picture of three height-adjustable silver-coloured machine mounts made of precision-milled metal, with wedge-shaped middle part, in variants free-standing, bolt-on and bolt-through, with different types of elastomer boards for vibration dampening or as non-slip protection, isolated on white background

precision wedge mounts

a black, square rubber board made of elastomer NBR with small square indentions on the surface as non-slip protection, on top of which stands an upright black, round rubber disc without surface profiling and a centered hole, isolated on white background

absorption and non-slip boards

a group of two rubber-metal bearings with outer threads and black elastomer corpus, isolated on white background

rubber-metal bearings

a group picture of four silver-coloured levelling elements made of cast iron with and without screws and in different shapes, i.e. round, square and rectangular, each with a black elastomer board at the bottom for vibration dampening, isolated on white background

levelling elements in cast iron

a group picture of five machine feet of different sizes, made of shining stainless steel or blueish shimmering zinc-galvanized steel, with various diameters and pendulum-action threads of various lengths, isolated on white background

levelling elements LBE

three round, upward-conical machine feet made of black polyamide with various diameters, each with a black NBR elastomer at the bottom for non-slip protection, and straight upward facing or right-tilted stainless steel threads of different thicknesses in a pendulum-action hexagonal ball joint, isolated on white background

levelling elements in polyamide

a group of three light-grey square elastomeric formpieces of various sizes with length- and sideway crossbars and fine, parallel grooves on the surface, isolated on white background

elastomeric formpieces NBR

rectangular group picture of three different-sized, round machine feet made of silvery shining, galvanized cast iron in bell shape, each with levelling screw with a top square shaft, one element in view from below with black elastomer NBR for vibration dampening and non-slip protection, isolated on white background

bell-type levelling elements RG

two cylindrical elastomer corpuses, each with inner air chamber for highly efficient vibration isolation, vulcanized on a square metal base plate, with a sideways car type valve and a metallic carrier plate with inner thread and mounted square shaft screw on the upper side, isolated on white background

air-cushion vibration dampers FLN

three square machine feet made of zinc-galvanized steel plates with black elastomer NBR at the bottom for vibration dampening, one element with pendulum-action thread on top, one element with a 120 degree counter sinking on top and no thread, and one with a fixed, non-pendulum thread on top, isolated on white background

levelling elements in steel

a group picture of six different silver-coloured bolt-on vibration dampers made of metal, with drilled base plates for floor-fastening, bell-shaped metal caps and in-between-galvanized black rubber, isolated on white background

vibration dampers Hill-Mounts

a rectangular group picture of five round vibration dampers of different diameters, stacked onto each other, with silvery shining galvanized metal surface, black vulcanized elastomer at the bottom and central inner thread for levelling screws, isolated on white background

vibration dampers NMS

a collection of four round screw-in machine feet made of black thermoplast elastomer or polyamide with different diameters and tightly embedded levelling screws of various lengths and thicknesses in stainless steel in the view from the side and above, isolated on white background

levelling feet FS

two black threaded tube inserts made of polyamide, one cubic, one cylindrical, each with a centered inner thread of nickel-coated brass, for press-fitting into square or round tube ends, isolated on white background

threaded tube inserts square & round

three black fastening plates of various sizes, made of milled compound material with elongated holes for floor-anchoring, suitable for levelling elements, in the side view, isolated on white background

floor-fastening plates for levelling elements

a piece of grey noise protection mat with open-pore nap structure, isolated on white background

noise protection



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