profile technology -
solutions with aluminium profiles

we plan, construct and manufacture for You:


  • racks for storage
  • metrology tables, optionally with granite table tops
  • work tables for assembly and sorting work
  • tool stations
  • components for serial and individual production
  • logistics & packing tables
  • pc-desks
  • commissioning trolleys
  • pallet carriers
  • partitioning walls
  • sound-proof cabinets
  • protective encapsuling for machines and installations
  • exquisite furniture
  • display tables for Your Point Of Sale
  • exhibition furniture and booth components
  • individual designs based on Your requirements

our product and service range for You:


  • bar materials of various cross sections, connectors and accessories
  • assembly kits and cut-to-measure bar material orders for DIY assembly
  • fully assembled turn-key projects as per Your requirements
  • on request assembly on premise

A large array of accessories allows for applying the aluminium profiles in a multitude of combinations - even upgrades / extensions / re-design / replacements of existing projects are possible with little strain on time and money.

For further information on the different bar material sizes of the aluminium profiles & related accessories, as well as for further inspiration on the almost endless possibilities with aluminium profiles, please feel free to contact us at Your leisure, or refer to the catalogue.


exemplary solutions with aluminium profiles

a mobile work table made of aluminium profiles on fastenable & turnable wheels, with workstation pc, laser printer, ventilator, monitor mounted on crossbar on eye level, storage in the overhead area and bright-luminous LED tube, isolated on white background

logistics table

a mobile assembly station made of aluminium profiles on fastenable & turnable wheels, with white table top, angle-adjustable foot rest, angle-adjustable overhead storage area and built-in drawer compartment with three drawers, isolated on white background

assembly station

a small trolley made of aluminium profiles, with two storeys, wooden inlay shelvings, black pushbar handle made of plastics, four large, fastenable & turnable wheels, three red EURO stackable boxes and gooseneck-clip document holder with to-do list, isolated on white background

personal trolley

a tall frame made of aluminium profiles, with mounting brackets for ground installation, and framed grey signboard with graphic depictions of loading zone and forklift traffic, isolated on white background

outdoor signage

an elongated table frame made of aluminium profile of square cross-section, on four table legs and laid with a massive dark natural stone slab table top, mounted on stainless steel levelling elements screwed into the table legs, isolated on white background

conference table

a square, column-shaped table made of aluminium profiles, with milky-transparent side panes and black natural stone table top, on it placed a pair of blue high-heeled shoes, isolated on white background

exhibition display

a square, cube-shaped metrology table made of aluminium profiles, with thick black granite table top, mounted on black air-cushion vibro-mounts FLN, and with precision height marker, calliper and levelling element placed on the granite table top, isolated on white background

metrology table

a pallet carrier made of aluminium profile in the elongated shape of EURO palettes, with four fastenable and turnable wheels, black pushbar handle, six vertical cross beams for the second storey, on which loaded a brown wooden palette in EURO size and secured all around with screwed-on vertical fixture plates, isolated on white background

pallet carrier

a tall, slim, dismountable product display made of aluminium profiles with nine vertically fastened, differently-coloured TyreGuard® tyre protectors on the front, mounted on stainless steel levelling elements, isolated on white background

product display

a tyre rack made of aluminium profiles with two storeys, each lined with red TyreGuard® tyre protectors and loaded with four tyres on alloy rims, both storeys secured with a cross-wise chain, isolated on white background

tyre rack with TyreGuard®

a mobile flip-open style pavement signage made of aluminium profiles, on four large fastenable & turnable wheels, with inlaid neutral DIN A 2 place holder for print and advertorial designs of any kind, isolated on white background

pavement signage



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