bwz Schwingungstechnik GmbH was established in 1982 by our late company founder Gerd-Peter Fingerle, who left us in 2014. This founding was based on the previous entity Fingerle OHG ( partnership ), which held industrial representations of various renowned precicison tool OEMs, and which was actively engaged in the trade of products for workshop demand alike.

Ever since, we have grown and strengthened our potential in experience, products and depth of manufacturing, in order to consult You with the installation of machines, devices and plant components, to gain control of the related vibration scenarios and to find suitable solutions within our product portfolio.

We proudly deliver our range of machine mounts for vibration control and levelling to OEMs of all types of machinery world-wide. Not only are special machinery manufacturers, plant component manufacturers, manufacturers and installation companies for heating-ventilation-air-conditioning ( HVAC ) and technical trading companies part of our vast client pool, but end-users, universities, vocational schooling institutions and technical planning bureaus just as well.

Our products are available at short notice - according to our standard range or adapted to Your specific requirements.

Early on we opted for a dedicated policy on product quality, and presently, we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 ( currently in the version DIN EN ISO 9001:2015 ) ever since 1996, i.e. continuously and without fail.

Heeding customers' feedback, we were prompted to also progress further on the field of noise control. In combination with our custom-made solutions based on aluminium profiles, we offer noise protection cabinets, partition walls, assembly workstations, racks and exquisite furniture, just to mention a few.

Of late, our manufacturing depth has seen considerable investments, hence each and every turning part up to diameter 65 mm is produced in-house, and we nowadays even offer job work for CNC-turning and CNC-milling to our customers.

In keeping with the philosophy of our founder, we emphasize the importance of personal contacts, flexibility and swift response towards our customers, especially when things are about customer-specific solutions, and a reliable product quality, last not least.

The above is our guideline of service to You, our customers.

Philip Fingerle, managing director


bwz Schwingungstechnik GmbH
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