• gentle floor basis
    for decommissioned vehicles
  • optimum tyre protection
    while stored away for the winter/
    during repair
  • made from durable plastics
    available in black, red and silver
  • anti-slip strips
  • ideally suited for
    vintage cars and youngtimers
    sports cars
    trailers & winnebagos
    motor cycles

prices TyreGuard® tyre protection

articlecolourarticle number

(l/w/h in mm)

tyre width

tyre diameter

load capacity per
wheel point

for set of 2
set of 2black1600 0001520 x 350 x 32350 mm700 mm2000 KGEUR 68,80
set of 2red1600 0002520 x 350 x 32350 mm700 mm2000 KGEUR 68,80
set of 2silver1600 0003520 x 350 x 32350 mm700 mm2000 KGEUR 68,80

* prices quoted are net, excluding VAT, including packaging, delivery basis DAP within Germany, prices subject to change, subject to prior sale

TyreGuard® - how it works

TyreGuard® is the perfect match for all kinds of vehicle decommissioning. After a brief period, enormous forces start to work on decommissioned vehicles resulting in flats or deformations of Your tyres, all of which can lead to axis damage, tyre damage, unwanted vibrations and steering issues. TyreGuard® spaces out the forces occuring during decommissioning evenly, and thus compensates the stress on the tyres.

tyre with TyreGuard® without flat - illustration

with TyreGuard®

an optimum distribution of the pressure load avoids the flat and facilitates more safety and tyre durability

tyre without TyreGuard® with flat - illustration

without TyreGuard®

the pin-point pressure load causes the flat

TyreGuard® tyre relief - illustration

tyre relief

relieve Your tyres of the paralyzing load occuring during decommissioning and / or winter storage, or even during a longer camping stay with Your caravan or winnebago

TyreGuard® high load capacity - illustration

high load capacity

the TyreGuard® is made of durable plastics with a load capacity of up to 2000 KG per wheel point, with tyre diameters of up to 700 mm and tyre widths of up to 350 mm

TyreGuard® extended durability - illustration

extended durability

the original TyreGuard® tyre protection extends Your tyres‘ life cycle and saves money in the long term - in addition, the original TyreGuard® tyre protection is resiliant against acids, oils, petroleum gas and the like, and thus itself very durable

TyreGuard® combined with profile technology

a tyre rack made of aluminium profiles with two storeys, each lined with red TyreGuard® tyre protectors and loaded with four tyres on alloy rims, both storeys secured with a cross-wise chain, isolated on white background

tyre rack with TyreGuard®


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multi-function product - available from us since 1982



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