excerpt of a yellow certificate issued by parcel service provider DHL, stating that bwz Schwingungstechnik saved 827,83 KG of CO2-equivalents in 2023 by using DHL GoGreen products

May 2024

CO2e savings 2023 via DHL GoGreen

a silver grey transporter with the blue logo of company bwz Schwingungstechnik, in front of a building of the Fildertafel food bank, and in the foreground two persons holding trays with packed food items in their hands

March 2024

breakfast items for Fildertafel food bank

a brown wicker basket with handle, filled with fresh chestnuts, placed on a grey stone parapet, with a green meadow in the background, the basket tilted towards the viewer and half of the chestnuts in front of the basket, spilled out onto the parapet

November 2023

chestnut collection for the kindergarden

a rectangular logo with the text message 'CO2-neutral website' in green letters, featuring a stylized green tree that symbolizes growth and green friendliness, all depicted on white background

October 2023

CO2-neutral website

a water tap made of silvery-shining metal, fixed to a grey striped panel wall, with a drop of water dripping from the hose connector

September 2023

water for the public chestnuts

close-up view of a greenish-brown sack of potting soil labelled 'soil peat-free'

July 2023

only peat-free potting soil

detail of a yellow certificate issued by logistics provider DHL, mentioning that by using the product DHL GoGreen, bwz Schwingungstechnik has saved 759,71 KG CO2 equivalents in the year 2022

June 2023

CO2e savings 2022 by using DHL GoGreen

[Translate to English:] zwei Holzpaletten mit verschiedenen Arten von Lebensmitteln wie Nudeln, Linsen, Sonnenblumenöl und Obstkonserven in einem innen grau kunststoffbeschichteten silberfarbenen Lieferwagen der Firma bwz Schwingungstechnik

February 2023

food donation for a local food bank

four metallic-green shining rechargeable batteries of standard size AAA with the imprint RECHARGE ACCU close-up in a black battery charger

January 2023

rechargeable batteries replace single-use



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